I'm a web development project lead and front-end web developer with expertise in HTML, CSS, and jQuery. I'm great at collecting bits of tribal knowledge and creating processes and documentation to disseminate that knowledge. I get a kick out of forming teams and watching individuals grow their skills and ultimately their confidence. I'm big on facilitating collaboration between team members and creating opportunities for them to connect.


 OLL Pack 370

I designed and developed a small ecommerce site for Our Lady of Lourdes Boy Scout Pack 370. OLL Pack 370 needed a way to have online sales for their fall/winter fundraiser selling Christmas greenery. The ecommerce solution I developed for them utilizes PayPal as the payment gateway. Since the Pack uses ScoutManage to host their site, I had to host my solution remotely and use an iFrame on the ScoutManage CMS page. The fundraiser is only available in the fall.

Visit www.ollpack370.com for more information and to view the fundraiser when it is in season.

This project is paid for with the gratitude of seeing all OLL Pack 370's members go to the Boy Scout Jamboree.

 Forest Park Conservancy

Forest Park Conservancy (FPC) approached Portland State University for help redesigning their site and adding new functionality. This project became our capstone project that spanned two quarters.

The first phase of this project was to develop a front-end eCommerce solution. Back-end development of the solution was outsourced to a local developer. As a team, we developed a look and feel for the home page, menu system, and product pages for the new part of the site. As FPC already had new branding, we had to follow the brand guidelines.

The second phase of the project was to help FPC make a smooth transition from Business Catalyst to Drupal. As a team, we identified the information FPC wanted to keep, what new functionality they wanted, and how to reorganize their new site architecture with this data. The actual back-end work was outsourced to the same local developer who worked on the eCommerce solution. However, FPC's funding for the developer ran short and development was halted.

Team Members:

You can visit Forest Park Conservancy online and learn more about Forest Park and purchase some nice swag. Every sale helps Forest Park Conservancy maintain Forest Park.

 Powell's Books

Portland State University's Digital Marketing Program always ends with cohort split into two teams and each team getting a marketing project. I was involved in the Christmas holiday marketing program for Powell's Books.

For five weeks, we studied Powell's Books exit numbers, the site itself, and our own first-hand experiences in the bookstore. As a team, we crafted a campaign that was engaging, interesting, and fun. Part of this strategy included Powell's Books taking advantage of an already used but not owned Twitter hashtag, #booklove. On the web site itself, we pitched an idea to have an interactive environment to help users narrow down the kind of person they were book shopping for, and having employees generate the suggestions on what kind of books those people would like. Additionally, we pitched a signature packaging style, wrapping the box in paper and stamping "Imported from Portland, OR" in red stencil ink. Unfortunately, Powell's Books had let go many of their marketing staff that week, so a marketing campaign for Christmas did not happen at all that year.

Team Members:

No hard feelings, I highly recommend a visit to Powell's Books for your own experience. It's a great way to spend a rainy day in the Great Northwest.


 CDI IT Solutions. Web Author. January 2012 to now.

As a Project Lead, I am contracted to manage the development of new and modified pages and assets of the Latin America Region of intel.com/canal by using the content management systems provided such as Documentum, TeamSite, and Adobe AEM (formerly Adobe CQ). I ensure proposed projects are within the standards set forward by the client at the global level. I interface with stakeholders and consult on projects, guidelines, standards, and timelines.

 Retail Micro. Web Administrator. March 2011 to December 2011.

As a Web Administrator, I manage the development of a new ecommerce/project management services site, Retail Micro. I create mockups and present design and functionality ideas to the owner, and then pass those requirements on to the developers in India.

 Horizon Air. Inventory Specialist. September 1999 to June 2010.

As an Inventory Specialist, I am responsible for managing three Inventory Analysts involved in the yearly cycle count of all Horizon's aircraft parts. This count includes expendable, rotable, and repairable parts relating to all aspects of Horizon's fleet of aircraft. I am responsible for approving monetary increases and drops of inventory up to +/- $5000 per batch. Additionally, I process the additions, deletions, and modifications of part numbers within the digital inventory and engineering system, TRAX, and doing required research to ensure the parts are legal to be used on aircraft.

 Delta Airlines Global Services. Team Leader. September 1996 to September 1999.

As a Team Lead of International Team II, I am responsible for managing a team of eight to 20 individuals and the cleaning and restocking tasks of two wide-body aircraft and related vehicles. Additionally, I am responsible for managing my team in rotating warehouse jobs such as recycling, restocking and cleaning of beverage carts, receiving and packaging pillows and blankets, and receiving and packaging of consumable goods for use on aircrafts. Other tasks include training individuals on all aircraft cleaning tasks, training individuals on spotting and driving vehicles, and training individuals on warehouse tasks.


 Portland State University

Certificate: Interactive Producer. June 2011.
Related Project: Forest Park

Certificate: Internet Design. June 2011.
Related Project: Forest Park

Certificate: Digital Marketing Strategies. February 2011.
Related Project: Powell's Books

 ITT Technical Institute

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Technical Project Management. March 2009.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science, Information Technology - Multimedia. September 2008.

 University of Phoenix

Coursework: Bachelor of Business Management.

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